Villa Renovation & Pool and landscape Design

Overview of the project

In the world of comprehensive architecture and design, few ventures hold the promise of luxury, opulence, and timeless elegance quite like villa renovation. The art of transforming a villa, be it a historic estate or a modern masterpiece, goes beyond the mere structural modifications. It is about breathing new life into every detail, capturing the essence of the owner's vision, and creating a living space that resonates with both character and comfort.

In this blog journey, we dive into the captivating world of villa renovation and pool and landscape design, exploring the unique challenges, innovative solutions, and awe-inspiring transformations that define this niche in the world of home improvement. Whether you’re an aspiring homeowner, a design enthusiast, or a seasoned architect seeking inspiration, join us as we explain the secrets and stories behind villa renovation that turn dreams into reality. From preserving architectural heritage to infusing contemporary flair, this is your passport to the enchanting universe of villa renovation. Welcome to a world where imagination meets craftsmanship, where spaces are reborn, and where every renovation project is a testament to the extraordinary possibilities that lie within the walls of a villa.



Villa Renovation


Villa Renovation / Pool and landscape Design


MBR City, District 1

The Background

Mr. and Mrs. Rehmani harbored a consistent dream of a home that radiates luxury in every detail. Their foremost desire was to establish a residence where they could cherish their best moments together, enveloped in the amenities and comforts they tirelessly worked to achieve.
Upon our team’s initial inspection, it became apparent that the floor tiles were cracked, the landscape lacked the desired luxurious touch, and a noticeable disconnection existed between the interior and exterior design.
Seeking a villa renovation that truly reflects their family identity, Mr. and Mrs. Rehmani entrusted us with their vision. Consistent with our approach to all projects, we embraced this endeavor as a captivating challenge.

The initial steps encompassed the thorough demolition of all existing structures, from tiles to pergola, setting the stage for the establishment of the Rehmani family’s envisioned paradise. With the removal of the previous elements, a clean slate was provided to build the foundation of the paradise that the Rehmani family had envisioned for so long


Pool and Landscape Design


The villa features an exceptional backyard space that sparked our inspiration to divide it into specific sections. These include a waterproof pergola, a pool area, a dining space, buffet area, and seating areas strategically arranged around the fireplace. Furthermore, we added an outdoor kitchen and BBQ section to elevate the overall outdoor experience.

This pool and landscape design effortlessly accommodates up to 100 visitors comfortably for the owners.

The pool renovation features retiling with Sukabumi tiles. Complementing this, the water feature and wall features within the pool area contribute to an abstract and intriguing ambiance, offering both visual interest and a soothing sound to enhance relaxation and overall enjoyment.


The exterior is bathed in pristine lighting, achieved by seamlessly integrating various features that infuse the space with a distinct and luxurious ambiance. At the entrance, an ample number of patio lights have been strategically placed, setting the tone for the villa as soon as visitors step inside. The garage wall is accentuated by the stunning water feature also.

Gorgeous Washingtonia trees are bathed in the soft glow of warm white tree ring lights, accentuating the leaves with a delicate touch. The remainder of the garden, abundant with jasmine and other aromatic flowers and plants, is thoughtfully arranged and illuminated to integrate this enchanting landscape.



The indoor project included the replacement of cabinets, pantries, wardrobes, and various other elements. This endeavor featured the integration of custom-made pieces meticulously crafted in our own Joinery. The emphasis was not only on upgrading the visual appeal of each space but also on tailoring these elements to meet the specific needs and preferences of the homeowners.

Our in-house Joinery played an extremely important role in ensuring that every piece of furniture, from cabinets to wardrobes, was uniquely designed and executed with precision. This approach allowed us to create bespoke solutions that harmonize seamlessly with the overall aesthetic of the house while maximizing functionality.

The result is a transformed living space where each custom piece contributes to the cohesive and personalized ambiance of the home. This comprehensive remodeling effort reflects our dedication to delivering not only aesthetically pleasing designs but also tailored solutions that enhance the overall living experience for our clients.


The indoor kitchen underwent a comprehensive reconstruction. The transformation included the installation of high-quality pantries and cabinets, crafted to not only elevate the aesthetic appeal of the space but also to ensure a remarkable improvement in daily task convenience for the homeowners.

The selection of materials and the design approach were carefully considered to create a kitchen environment that seamlessly blends functionality with sophistication. The addition of state-of-the-art appliances further enhances the kitchen’s efficiency, promising a culinary experience that is both enjoyable and efficient.

With a keen focus on maximizing storage capacity and optimizing workflow, the newly reconstructed indoor kitchen stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering not only visually appealing spaces but also practical solutions that cater to the unique needs of the homeowners. As a result, the kitchen now serves as the heart of the home, harmonizing elegance with practicality for an unparalleled cooking and dining experience.

The bedrooms and other areas underwent a rejuvenation process, featuring the development of functional and intelligent wardrobes strategically positioned to optimize every corner of the spaces. This meticulous approach to design ensures that each wardrobe serves its purpose seamlessly while contributing to the overall efficiency of the respective areas.

By strategically placing these customized pieces, we aimed to enhance both the visual appeal and functionality of the bedrooms and other designated spaces. The result is a harmonious blend of practical storage solutions and thoughtful design, creating an environment that not only meets the functional needs of the homeowners but also elevates the overall atmosphere of each room.

The Result

Milestone Dubai stands out in transforming our clients’ visions into reality, consistently delivering top-tier quality not only in villa renovation but across various sectors. Leveraging over two decades of experience and a proven track record of completing over 1000 successful projects, we bring a wealth of expertise to every undertaking, ensuring excellence and client satisfaction at every step.

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