If you have recently bought a house in Dubai or are looking to renovate/remodel your existing home, chances are that you’re on the lookout for the top contracting companies in Dubai. However, there is so much information out there and a ton of companies to choose from.

How do you sift through all the information to find a reputable company that understands your needs and works within your budget?

This post looks at how we define a top notch contracting company in Dubai. We discuss what to look for in a contracting company. We also look at red flags that might indicate potential problems in the future.

It is necessary to do your research before making a decision; this can save a lot of time and money further into the construction process.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into it!


Understanding The Industry

One of the trademarks of top contracting companies in Dubai is their solid understanding of the local construction industry.

The best contracting companies in Dubai understand how the construction industry works. They  research what clients are looking for and provide these services with competitive rates.


What Clients Are Looking For

The construction industry in Dubai is highly competitive. Clients are looking for convenience, comfort and functionality, amidst glamour.

Entertaining is a big part of the business culture here; most business is conducted over a relaxed, but lavish meal. Entertaining at home is gaining popularity. Therefore, many clients want a home that conveys their standing in the community.

As the influx of expats into the country keeps changing, the demand for new housing follows suit. Housing communities are rampant in Dubai, with a high demand for secure, gated communities. Clients also want the latest amenities such as gyms and swimming pools. Villas often have swimming pools, outdoor entertainment areas and well-tended gardens with water features.

Hence, most villa owners are looking for contracting services in interior design with associated services such as MEP, lighting and carpentry.

Additionally, many clients also want landscaping services in addition to interior work. This encompasses all outdoor elements including pools, pergolas, paving, outdoor furniture and planting.


Labor – The Cornerstone of Top Contracting Companies In Dubai

Since the expat population greatly outnumbers the local population, labor is outsourced from other countries. Sourcing skilled labor is crucial to the quality of service a company provides its clients. It is one of the hallmarks of top contracting companies in Dubai.

An established construction company will invest in its human resources. The management’s job is to make sure that laborers are well taken care of and well trained in their respective skills.

What To Look For In Top Contracting Companies In Dubai

Here are some key indicators to look for when researching top contracting companies in Dubai.

Comprehensive Services

The best contracting companies in Dubai are those that can offer comprehensive services to clients. Therefore, the client does not need to shop around for different contractors.

It also makes the construction process more streamlined as there is no need to coordinate between different sub-contractors. When there are too many sub-contractors on a single project, the vision can sometimes get lost in translation.

Clients need not shop around for specialist contractors as a good design-build company will have all its services in-house. Therefore, as a client, you only need to have one point of contact for your house construction.


A Skilled Team of Professionals

Top contracting companies in Dubai rely on their staff to complete projects to expected standards. A streamlined delivery process depends on the expertise of many skilled professionals. For a residential remodel or new construction, you will need a skilled team of foremen, project managers, estimators, architects and MEP and lighting engineers.

Skilled labor is crucial to the success of the project as these are the people who actually execute the drawings on paper. They breathe life into what would otherwise be fancy lines on paper.

Skilled labour includes masons, concrete finishers, HVAC and MEP technicians. They are trained to read drawings accurately and operate equipment. They should also be aware of the latest  technologies.

Most importantly, a laborer who takes pride in his work will have a vested interest in the job. Such projects usually have a higher rate of success.

Therefore, companies with well trained and well looked after staff generally have higher rates of success.


High Quality of Execution

The quality of execution is highly dependant on skilled labor. Poor execution can ruin a great design, while high-quality execution can elevate an ordinary one.

Top contracting companies in Dubai spend time and money to analyze gaps in execution. These could lower the quality of the delivered product.

Good quality finishes are achieved by paying careful attention to details. A high level of detailing packs the most punch and can communicate the impact of high-quality execution.


Proven Track Record of Success

Finally, top contracting companies in Dubai will have a proven track record of successful projects. Go and look at some of the projects before selecting a contractor. This will give you an idea of the level of finishing and execution you can expect from the company.

Although it is impossible to know how your project will take shape unless it is truly underway, past industry-related experience is generally a good indicator of the caliber of a top contracting company.

Project Management

There’s many a gap between planning and execution. Proactive project management can close this gap.

A good project management team is the glue that binds the construction process together. Project management requires constant coordination between all the different processes that go towards the successful completion and handover of a project.

Top contracting companies in Dubai have experienced project managers. They are responsible for overseeing the entire process, communicating the design idea to the execution team as well as giving the client regular updates of what is happening on site.

Experienced project managers will also be able to anticipate potential problems and take steps to solve them before they evolve into major roadblocks.


Milestone – An Idea Is Born

Milestone embodies all the qualities you would expect of top contracting companies in Dubai. At Milestone, we understand the nuances of the design and construction industry in Dubai.

We moved to Dubai in 2003. Our first home needed a lot of work; we wanted to paint the house, redo all the plumbing and electrical work, change the flooring and get some carpentry done. It was hard to find a single company that could do all of this work under one umbrella. We eventually ended up hiring different sub-contractors and even doing some of the work ourselves.

This gave me the idea for starting a contracting company that could provide clients with a one-stop shop for all their home improvement/construction needs.

There were many companies that provided either interior services or exterior services, but not both. Hence, the idea of a company that could provide comprehensive construction services, under one roof, was born.

Bridging The Gaps

As we delved into the construction process, we discovered gaps between creative design and execution.

There were design professionals who lacked the contracting background. On the other end of the spectrum, you had specialized contracting companies that lacked the creative design edge. Hence, they had to work with design consultants such as architects and interior designers who provided the designs that they then executed.

Therefore, for us to be competitive in the industry as one of the top contracting companies in Dubai, we needed to bridge this gap by combining both disciplines under one umbrella company.


A Brief History

In 2005, we launched our Floral Arts division and began with landscaping design and build services for indoor and outdoor gardens. We also offered interior construction services to our clients through the same company.

The company invested time and effort in selecting motivated and able civil engineers, architects and staff who could provide the high quality of service we were offering. We also partnered with reliable sourcing partners for skilled labor.

In 2007, we opened our carpentry factory to service the needs of our interior and exterior design and construction requirements. Our carpentry and joinery division manufactured indoor and outdoor furniture, pergolas, gazebos, wall panelling and gypsum work in-house. This way, we were able to provide custom designed products manufactured to our design specifications, allowing for greater quality control.

We met the increasing demand for pools by opening our in-house pool contracting division in 2008. Pool construction is a complex process. To manage this effectively, we hired professional pool engineers.

Hence, we were able to provide a complete design-build package for our clients through the five cornerstones of Milestone – landscaping, interiors, pools, building contracting and carpentry.


The Show Villa

In 2015, we put up a showcase villa to allow our clients to experience, first hand, the quality of work they can expect from us.

The show villa features interior and landscape design including additional features such as water features, lighting, outdoor sound systems, furniture and artificial grass. It is a showroom for paving materials, tiles and other finishes that clients can see on display.

Our show villa is Mediterranean in style; the interior design matches this through various stylistic interpretations.

Each room has a unique element of design, be it earthy wall panelings, an inviting TV nook or a fun and funky children’s room. We would love for you to come out and have a look at our show villa.


Why Milestone?

What makes Milestone one of the top contracting companies in Dubai? Below, we outline why we are your number one choice for residential design-build services.

Look No Further For All Your Contracting Needs

Milestone is a one stop shop for all your design needs.

We have a complete in-house design division (for both interior as well as exterior design) that provides detailed construction drawings for our contracting division. Therefore, we are able to maintain full control over the design process. This also enables us to communicate the design vision accurately to the construction team.

Our construction team has a skilled cohort of laborers, project managers, estimators and quality control engineers. These professionals go above and beyond to meet the expectations of our clients.

Our in-house carpentry and joinery divisions allows us creative freedom to design products that can be built to strict specifications. Hence, each project we work on is unique and customized to meet your needs.


High Standards of Execution

At Milestone, we hold ourselves to very high standards of deliverables. Our construction process is streamlined and efficient. It is managed by a highly experienced staff of project managers who understand how construction works in Dubai.

The entire process is transparent; our project managers are always in contact with the clients, keeping them up-to-date. We communicate  regularly with our clients. It is important for them to understand the impact of additions or changes to the project, so that they are aware of potential changes to the completion time and budget.

Our project managers follow-up on and complete any snag quickly and efficiently, so that clients are happy. There are no shortcuts; we pride ourselves on our professionalism right up until final handover is completed.

Clients know we are dependable; if we are unable to provide a particular service, we recommend professionals who can.


Skilled Team of Professionals

What sets us apart from our competitors as one of the top contracting companies in Dubai is commitment to our staff. We put in a great deal of effort into working with our sourcing partners to find skilled labor. We offer incentives to our staff for their commitment and creativity, thus giving them a sense of ownership and pride in their work.

Our existing staff and laborers are a great source for finding more skilled labor. As the contracting and execution division has grown, our core group of laborers continually recruit new laborers from their home countries.

Thus, the onus of responsibility for quality work lies with them. They are vested in the company’s successes. It has also helped to bring out the true artists in our skilled laborers who are encouraged to contribute their ideas to the construction process. This gives them a sense of pride in their contribution to the successful completion of a project.

Depth of Industry-Related Experience

We have been a part of the design-build industry in Dubai for over 15 years and have a proven track record of successfully completed projects. We also have a rock solid source of reliable suppliers, ensuring that materials are always delivered on time.

At Milestone, you can be assured that a highly trained staff will be committed to your residential project to ensure that is completed on time and as per your requirements.

Please contact a member of our team to schedule an initial meeting with our creative design team.