As a growing number of Dubai homes are being constructed on smaller plots, plunge pools are in high demand.

Plunge pools offer a cool and refreshing space for people to relax and unwind after a long day. They add a stunning visual effect to your outdoor oasis. The Milestone landscaping and design team are experts when it comes to creating the perfect centerpiece for those smaller landscaping statements.


Custom Sizes, Shapes, and Functions

A smaller, deeper swimming pool designed to refresh on a hot day.

We can upgrade your plunge pool with a waterfall or other exquisite water features which enhance your relaxation, without increasing the space needed.

Plunge pools require very little square footage. Our smart modern designers and contractors have come up with several ways that you can easily add a plunge pool to the backyard without worrying about compromising on the deck area.

  • Increased property value
  • Custom swimming pool design
  • Beautifully complement your landscape
  • Enhance and encourage family time


Our design team can outfit your plunge pool with customized features to cater to your lifestyle and your needs.

  • 01

    It can be built at a lower price point than a standard size pool and are designed to fit in any space.

  • 02

    Plunge pools are much smaller in size and require far less cleaning and maintenance.

  • 03

    Enthusiastic swimmers who lack the space for a lap pool but still want a great workout can opt to include resistance jets into their plunge pool design, allowing them to swim laps much like they can in a standard size swimming pool.

  • 04

    We will design and build your plunge pool to accentuate your outdoor living space. Together we will determine the shape, depth, seating and light positions to ensure we achieve your dream pool.

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