Swimming Pool Contractor: The Complete Guide To Choosing Your Swimming Pool Installer

Swimming Pool ContractorSOURCE: kdrtech

Written by Sejal Nagjee

Swimming is wonderful exercise - it’s fun and your chances of getting injured are few. 

In Dubai, swimming pools are quite popular because of the warm weather. Most villas that have space, usually also have a swimming pool.

Many of my clients have questions about swimming pools. Most of them ask how they can find a reliable swimming pool contractor. 

So, I created a complete guide on everything you need to know when choosing an experienced swimming pool contractor.

Table Of Contents

Do I Need A Contractor To Build My Swimming Pool? 1
Technical Aspects of A Swimming Pool 2
Getting A Pool Permit 3
Advice On Pool Designs 4
Cost-Efficient Construction 5
Can A General Contractor Build A Swimming Pool? 6
Tips On Choosing The Right Swimming Pool Contractor 7
How To Find A Swimming Pool Contractor 8
13 Essential Questions You Should Ask A Swimming Pool Contractor 9
How Do I Check If My Swimming Pool Contractor Has Insurance? 10
How Can I Verify My Swimming Pool Contractor’s Licence? 11
Where Can I Find Swimming Pool Contractor Reviews? 12
Do Swimming Pool Companies In Dubai Offer Financing? 13
What Design Decisions Should I Think About Before Hiring A Swimming Pool Contractor? 14
What Is The Main Reason You Want A Pool? 15
Do You Have A Particular Size And Shape In Mind? 16
What Type Of Pool Do You Have In Mind? 17
Why Is The Landscaping Around A Pool Important? 18
How Much Does A Swimming Pool Cost? 19
Design Only Costs 20
General Construction Costs 21
Customization Options For Pools 22
Why Cheapest Is Not Always The Best 23
What Are The Swimming Pool Building Regulations In Dubai? 24
What Are The Key Elements Of Swimming Pool Design? 25
Pool Location 26
Size And Shape Of Your Property 27
Tie Into The Design Of Your House 28
Consider Your Lifestyle 29
What Do You Need To Get A Swimming Pool Building Permit? 30
What Is The Process For Building A Swimming Pool? 31
The Initial Design Phase 32
Getting The Approval 33
Beginning Construction 34
Inspiration Boards For Swimming Pool Design Pictures 35
Swimming Pool Design Tiles 36
Start With The Overall Look 37
Pool Tile Quality 38
Pool Tile Color 39
Pool Tile Grout 40
Pool Tile Material And Shapes 41
Best Swimming Pool Contractors In Dubai 42

Do I Need A Contractor To Build My Swimming Pool

building a swimming poolSOURCE: Hanging Gardens of Bali

The answer to this question is a definite YES! 

Building a swimming pool is certainly not a DIY (do-it-yourself) project. You need to be very experienced and know the ins and outs of pool construction to be your own swimming pool contractor. 

Adding a swimming pool to your garden is no small task. If not installed properly, your dream pool can become a nightmare. 

Good swimming pool contractors in Dubai can give you invaluable service, saving time and money. 

Below are some of the advantages of hiring a swimming pool contractor for your pool.

Technical Aspects of A Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are very complex structures. Even the simplest pools need proper drainage, plumbing, electrical and filtration systems to function well. 

If these systems are not properly installed by professionals, you can face all kinds of problems later on. These may include leakages, cracks, costly water bills and unhealthy pool water. 

Pool lighting can change the way your pool looks during the night. It can become a feature of your garden when not in use. 

Pool jets are another popular feature that turns your pool into a relaxation spot in the garden.

An experienced swimming pool contractor can give you professional advice on all these different systems that make the pool run efficiently and look beautiful.   

technical aspects of a swimming poolSOURCE: unsplash

Getting A Pool Permit

In Dubai, you need a construction permit to build a pool. There is a long list of documents that you’ll have to submit to get the approval. 

Experienced swimming pool contractors in Dubai deal with the Dubai Municipality regularly so they know what needs to be submitted. 

With a pool contractor by your side, you can save both time and money and get the approvals quickly. This will allow you to start building the pool without delay. 

swimming pool construction permitSOURCE: pixabay

Advice On Pool Designs  

The perfect swimming pool is a combination of style and function. A professional swimming pool installer will be familiar with the latest trends in style. 

swimming pool designsSOURCE: Recent Milestone Project

They can work with your general contractor or architect to design a pool that works with the architecture of your house. A traditional pool would look out of place in a modern garden setting and vice-versa.  

Swimming pool contractors can also give you advice on the tiles for your pool. They can offer you samples to match the style you want.

contractor to design a poolSOURCE: falconpools

Cost-Efficient Construction

You might think that it costs more to hire a swimming pool contractor. 

Actually, professional pool contractors can save you time and give you value for money in the long run.

Poor construction may need repairs later on. This can prove more costly than the fees you’ll pay for a professional swimming pool contractor. 

A swimming pool contracting company would also have the staff to make sure that the construction is completed on time. Their experts can advise on finishes to meet your budget.

Can A General Contractor Build A Swimming Pool?

Yes, many general contractors do claim to be able to build swimming pools, but we do not recommend this. Here’s why.

Often, they will sub-contract the construction to a swimming pool contractor. In this case, the general contractor is fully responsible for the subcontractor's work. 

Because there is now a middle person, there might be miscommunication between what you want and what the general contractor communicates to the swimming pool installer. 

General contractors may also have limited experience with pool construction. This can lead to poor decisions, which may prove costly to fix. 

Finally, a general contractor may not focus only on the pool installation. He will be responsible for the entire project, so may not pay enough attention to the pool itself. 

An experienced swimming pool contractor will have built many pools and will know what to expect. They will focus on completing the pool quickly so that the rest of the landscaping is not held up. 

If you want a swimming pool in your landscape, we highly recommend hiring a professional swimming pool contractor. 

Tips On Choosing The Right Swimming Pool Contractor

  1. A swimming pool is a big investment so take the time to research pool contractors in your area. Don’t hurry to make a decision. 
  2. When searching for the right swimming pool builder, you will find many pool companies in your area. Here are some tips to sift the good ones from the mediocre.
  3. The more professional swimming pool companies will usually have an informative website. Make sure to visit their website and take a look at the pools they have built. 
  4. Shortlist a few pool contracting companies whose work you like. Then call them for a face-to-face meeting. 
  5. Be clear about your expectations. Make sure the swimming pool contractors understand your vision.  
  6. Don’t rush. Get comparative bids from different companies, but know that lower bids are not always the best ones. 
  7. Ask for recent references. Contact these people and ask them if they were satisfied with the process and the quality of work.
  8. Ask to visit some of their built pools so you can see the quality of the finished pool first-hand. 
  9. Do they have a physical office or showroom? Contractors who have an office in the vicinity are more legitimate - you know where to go if there are any issues later on. 
  10. Ask for certifications to make sure that the staff is trained and qualified in pool construction.
  11. Seasoned swimming pool contractors might offer additional benefits such as pool warranty and pool financing. Don’t forget to check for these. 
  12. Finally, trust your gut - if there is something about a pool contractor that you don’t like, don’t hire them even if everything else checks out.

How To Find A Swimming Pool Contractor

The internet is your best friend when looking for swimming pool contractors in Dubai. 

If you type this in as your search criteria in Google or any other browser, you will get a list of pool contractors in your area. 

The yellow pages are another good source for a listing of swimming pool contractors in Dubai. You can filter your search to look for pool contractors only based in Dubai. 

If you are working with an architect or designer, they may also have recommendations for a good swimming pool contractor. 

You can get referrals from friends or family who have installed a pool in their backyards. This is the most reliable method of finding a good pool contractor, whose work you can see first hand. 

13 Essential Questions You Should Ask A Swimming Pool Contractor

You’ll probably have a long list of questions you want to ask your swimming pool contractor. 

Here is a list of the 13 most useful questions you should ask.

  1. How many years of experience do you have building swimming pools? 
  2. How many pools have you built in the last year?
  3. Is your company licensed? 
  4. What accreditations and qualifications does your staff have?
  5. Can you provide at least 3-5 references? 
  6. Can I visit some of the pools that you have recently completed? 
  7. Will you do all the work or will any of it be subcontracted out?
  8. Do you offer structural or workmanship warranties on your pools? 
  9. Do you offer post-construction maintenance services?
  10. What makes your company stand out from other pool contracting companies?
  11. What if I change my mind about some aspects of the design? How will you handle this?
  12. How long will it take for the pool to be completed? Will this completion time be mentioned in the contract? 
  13. What happens if the pool needs to be repaired in the future? 

How Do I Check If My Swimming Pool Contractor Has Insurance?

Accidents can happen anywhere - even if we follow the strictest of safety regulations. 

On a construction site, the risk of an accident is quite high. 

Swimming Pool Contractor insurance can protect against unforeseen accidents and damage to property. 

If a pool contracting company has insurance, it is usually an indication of an experienced and reliable company.

Milestone has C.A.R - Contractor’s All Risk Insurance. This protects contractors against damage to works or materials during construction. It also covers third party bodily injury or damage to property.

We also have Workman’s Compensation Insurance and General Medical Insurance. These are mandatory for all contracting companies in Dubai. 

We also have a certified engineer - certified by the Dubai Municipality, who is qualified and licensed to construct pools. 

How Can I Verify My Swimming Pool Contractor’s Licence?

Swimming pool construction and maintenance are separate activities that are added on to a general contractor's licence. This gives them legal permission to build pools in Dubai.

Without this, a general contractor cannot build a pool.

Milestone has a general contracting licence and we also have swimming pool construction and swimming pool maintenance added on as activities to our general licence. 

This means that we have a certified pool engineer on board who is qualified to build pools in Dubai. 

When you hire a contractor, whether a general contractor or a swimming pool builder, you can check the validity of their licence with the Dubai Municipality. 

Where Can I Find Swimming Pool Contractor Reviews?

The most obvious place to look for swimming pool contractor reviews in on the company’s website. 

However, these are reviewed by the company before being uploaded

This means that a company can decline to upload a negative review from a customer. So they may not paint an accurate picture, but they are good general indicators of whether clients are happy with the contractor’s work and process. 

Since communicating on social media is all the rage, many tech-savvy swimming pool companies have set up accounts on various social media platforms. 

You can also look for swimming pool contractor reviews on social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Houzz. 

These reviews are not filtered and so you might be able to see reviews from both satisfied as well as dissatisfied customers. This will give you a more complete picture. 

Check out what our clients have to say about Milestone on our Houzz page

Do Swimming Pool Companies In Dubai Offer Financing? 

There are some companies that provide financing in Dubai in the form of deferred payments or payments on an installment basis. 

Milestone does not provide financing. The client funds the project in the following way:

  1. Milestone takes a 35% payment upfront at the beginning of the project. 
  2. Once we complete about 35% of the work in the contract, we then take a progressive payment from the client of another 30%. 
  3. On completion of 55% of the work in the contract, we take another 30% from the client. 
  4. When we have completed 100% of all the work, the balance 5% is paid by the client. 

Although Milestone does not finance projects, we do provide guarantees of our work. 

Our reinforced concrete construction - the pool shell - carries a 10-year warranty against structural defects such as cracking due to settlement.  

We provide a 1 year warranty on all waterproofing works. 

All our pool equipment comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. This can be extended to 2 years for an additional amount. 

These warranties include pumps, filters and all the mechanical systems, so our clients are well protected against any workmanship defects. 

What Design Decisions Should I Think About Before Hiring A Swimming Pool Contractor?  

Before you begin looking for a suitable swimming pool contractor there are some things to think about. 

If you know the style and overall look you want, it will be easier to communicate this to the swimming pool installer. 

What Is The Main Reason You Want A Pool?

The answer to this question can guide the shape and size of your pool. 

If you want a pool to lounge in, you have greater flexibility when it comes to shape and size. 

You could opt for a free-form pool or one that has a more regular shape. You could also include a Baja shelf with some relaxing lounge chairs. 

hire a swimming pool contractorSOURCE: poolsbyrichard

If you are on a tight budget or have limited space, you could also opt for just a plunge pool or swim spa. 

Insert image of a spa or plunge pool from Milestone

If you are looking to use your pool for fitness, then a lap pool would be your go-to choice. Lap pools are usually rectangular in shape and have the same depth across the length of the pool.

lap poolsSOURCE: freshfall

Do You Have A Particular Size And Shape In Mind?

This will depend on the purpose of your pool and how much space is available. 

Depending on the size of your property, you could opt for a bigger pool, especially if you have children. 

The style of your home will also influence the shape of the pool. 

Usually, modern pools are built with clean lines. Traditional pools may have curved edges, although this is not always true. 

If you want something more natural-looking, the pool could be designed to resemble a pond with waterfalls and benches. 

shape of a swimming poolSOURCE: articles.bluehaven 

What Type Of Pool Do You Have In Mind?

There are three basic types of pools. 

A skimmer pool is one in which the level of water is about 10 - 15 cms lower than the surrounding pool deck. The skimmer catches floating debris and helps to keep the pool clean. 

Insert image of Milestone Skimmer Pool

An overflow pool can maintain water at the deck level because it is surrounded by a channel. This collects water that flows over the edge of the pool. 

These pools are usually nicer looking than skimmer pools, but also cost more. 

types of swimming poolsSOURCE: Recent Milestone Project

Infinity or spill edge pools are luxurious looking and are becoming more popular in Dubai. They can become a very special feature in your landscaping. 

They are usually raised above the ground level. 

Water spills over the edge into a channel that is located much lower than the top of the pool. 

spill edge swimming poolsSOURCE: Recent Milestone Project

The prices and design requirements of each pool is different. Scroll down to our Pool Cost section to get a rough estimate of cost for each pool type.

The style of pool you want and what you want to use the pool for will impact the type of pool you choose. 

Why Is The Landscaping Around A Pool Important?

The pool is a striking feature in any garden. Great garden design can elevate a beautiful pool design. 

Similarly, if the landscape around your pool is not suitable for a pool environment, it can detract from the beauty of your swimming pool.  

Just as a beautiful house needs a beautiful landscape to bring it to life, a striking pool also needs to sit in a well designed landscape. 

The house, pool and landscape are all one area so they need to be designed holistically. 

beautiful swimming pool designSOURCERecent Milestone Project

Some of the key factors to think about when landscaping around a pool are: 

  • Opt for plants that are easy to maintain
  • Opt for plants that will not create too much debris in and around the pool.
  • Think about safety. Spiky or poisonous plants should be avoided.
  • Do you want to provide privacy for swimmers?
  • Do the plants complement the style of your home? 
  • Do you like plants with color or are you looking for a monochromatic scheme?
  • Do you like fragrant plants? 
  • Does the choice of plants provide balance around the pool? Are any of the plants too tall or too wide for the available space?
  • Think about the growth habits of plants. You don’t want to squeeze a plant that will grow big in a few years into a small planter by the pool. 
  • Think about the climate and the microclimate. Is the pool in a shaded area or does it get full sun?

These are just a few things to keep in mind when selecting plants suitable for your pool surrounds. 

How Much Does A Swimming Pool Cost?

Swimming pools costs can vary greatly. There are so many variables in the way you can customize your pool that it is impossible to give a fixed figure. 

Design Only Costs

If you are unsure about committing to building your pool without an initial design, there are many companies that will accept a small fee only to design your pool.

This fee can vary depending on the complexity of the design. If you choose to build your pool with the same company, most companies will incorporate the design fee into the overall construction cost of the swimming pool. 

You can also opt to pay for just the design and the swimming pool plans if you want to build your own pool. Again the fees for this vary greatly so a fixed figure would be inaccurate. 

At Milestone, we do not take on design-only projects.

Milestone is a design-build company and to give our clients the best service, we prefer to take on projects that we can see through to completion. We design, get approvals and build pools within the landscape. 

General Construction Costs 

However, to give you an idea of rough costs for swimming pools, we have given you a range for each of the three pool types mentioned above. 

The price of a swimming pool is calculated per cubic meter of water. This is the area of your pool multiplied by the average depth of water in the pool. 

For a skimmer type pool, a good starting point for the cost is between AED 2,400 to 2,600 per cubic meter of water. 

For overflow pools, the general cost would be between AED 2,600 to 2,800 per cubic meter of water. 

For an infinity pool, the general cost would be between AED 2,800 to 3,100 per cubic meter of water. 

Customization Options For Pools

These are very general parameters because there are endless customizations that would vary the cost. You could add a bench that runs the length of the pool or a Baja step. 

Your pool could have a curved pool that is a combination of skimmer and spill edge. 

customization options for poolsSOURCERecent Milestone Project

You could also add a fibreglass or acrylic panel to one side of the pool.

beautiful design for poolsSOURCERecent Milestone Project

All these customizations would deviate from the general costs given above. Therefore, you need to understand the customizations of a swimming pool to be able to get an accurate cost. 

At Milestone, each of our pools is highly customized to fit the client’s needs. 

We use a wide variety of unique finishes and this could also raise the cost of your pool. 

For example, you may opt for a flint granite coping instead of sandstone. This would alter the price. 

In an infinity pool, you might want to add stone cladding to the spill wall and light it up or use pebbles to hide the grating of your water channel. 

customization of swimming poolsSOURCE: Recent Milestone Project

As you can see, there are so many variations. Hence, the above-given figures are good starting points for costing but will surely change as you add custom design features and finishes. 

Why Cheapest Is Not Always The Best

There are cheaper options for pools such as fibreglass or above ground pool kits. 

Milestone specializes in reinforced concrete pools of all shapes and sizes. We do not recommend fibreglass or above ground pool kits for the following reasons:

  • The climate is very harsh; it is very hot for several months of the year
  • Water table levels are very high so if you install a fibreglass pool in the water, it could lead to cracking.
  • A reinforced concrete pool has much thicker walls and therefore lasts longer than a fibreglass pool. 
  • It is easier to rectify faults in a concrete pool such as waterproofing. This is much harder with fibreglass pools. 

What Are The Swimming Pool Building Regulations In Dubai?

In Dubai, the Dubai municipality has set regulations to ensure the safety of users as well as guidelines for locating your pool. 

The pool should be located 1.5 metres from any property line. This is to make sure that the pool footings do not compromise the boundary wall structure. 

For the same reason, pools also need to be located 1.5 meters away from the house line. If the pool is close to the footing of the house, a 45-degree setting will ensure that the pool guniting does not damage the villa foundations. 

All pools in Dubai are required to have safety fencing around them. 

Many clients do not like the look of a safety fence. In such cases, the owners are asked to sign a Letter of Undertaking that shifts responsibility for any mishaps or accidents away from the government to the owner. 

In other words, it is the owner’s decision to have the safety fence removed and they are responsible for any incidents that occur as a result of this. 

What Are The Key Elements Of Swimming Pool Design?

Take a look at the key elements of swimming pool design.

Thinking about these during or even before the design process will help you make the most of your swimming pool. 

Pool Location 

Your pool is a major feature of your landscape so getting the location right is really important. 

Remember that you will be viewing the pool from inside the house and when you’re sitting outside so consider all the viewing angles before finalizing its placement. 

If you enjoy sunbathing, don’t forget to look at which areas are in the sun and those in shadow. You don’t want to place your pool where it will be shadowed by the house for most of the day. 

Size And Shape Of Your Property

Some pool types are better suited to certain property shapes and sizes than others. Tailoring the type of pool you build for your property can lead to cost-effective pool design. 

If your property is sloped, you have a natural condition where an infinity pool would work very well. 

If you have an oddly shaped property, you might have to go with a reinforced concrete pool that can be built in any size or shape. 

Similarly, if your property is small, opt for a plunge pool or swim spa so you can still enjoy the water without taking up too much space. 

Tie Into The Design Of Your House

Take inspiration from your house for your pool finishes. Remember, the outdoors is an extension of your home so you can even repeat some of the materials used in your house for your pool design.

Every detail, from the colour of your pool water to the cladding of an exposed pool wall, can help to create a design that flows effortlessly from your home to the outdoors. 

Consider Your Lifestyle

Your pool is, first and foremost, for your enjoyment. It should, therefore, suit your lifestyle.

Think about whether you entertain often, intend to have lots of pool parties or prefer smaller family gatherings. 

This will determine the size, shape and even type of pool you decide to go with. 

If you want a pool that is ideal for entertaining, you’ll need a big pool for your guests. You might also think about a large deck with poolside seating or a built-in barbeque area. 

If the pool will mostly be used by the family and you have children, you could look at features such as seating in the pool. You could even think about a net for pool ball games or a small slide for the children to enjoy. 

If your pool is meant more as a place to relax, think about surrounding it with plants. You might even install speakers for soothing music or a small water feature for the pleasing sound of trickling water. 

It all depends on how you want to enjoy your pool. 

What Do You Need To Get A Swimming Pool Building Permit?

All pools in Dubai need a pool permit before they can be built. 

Your swimming pool contractor can help you get these permits. 

The process begins with an online application and a fee. 

The contractor will also have to submit all the required documents. The basic documents needed are: 

  • Site Plan showing the swimming pool location 
  • A detailed plan with cross-sections of the pool
  • MEP drawings (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) 
  • Filtration Plan
  • Drainage Plan
  • Lighting Plan

For pools with saltwater systems or other systems of water purification, additional documents may be required. 

What Is The Process For Building A Swimming Pool?

The Initial Design Phase

When a client gets in touch with us, Milestone has an initial consultation with the client to determine their budget and requirements. 

If the client has the budget for what they want and would like to proceed, then we visit the site. 

After this, we begin the design process based on our conversations with the client. If we are only building the pool, we will give the client a quotation for the cost of the swimming pool. 

Once the quotation is approved, we begin working on the detailed architectural, structural and MEP drawings for the property. 

Getting The Approval 

These drawings are then submitted to the Dubai Municipality for approvals. 

For Nakheel projects or properties like Jumeirah Golf Estates, we also have to get Trakhees approval. Some properties in Dubai also require approvals from the Dubai Development Authority (DDA0. 

Depending on which property we are designing the pool for, we will submit the required documents to the respective government authority. 

For Dubai Municipality approvals we will require the following documents from the client: 

  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of Visa
  • Copy of Emirates ID
  • Copy of Transfer Deed for the property
  • Dubai Municipality approved stamped drawings of the villa
  • Completion Certificate of the villa
  • Affection Plans from the Dubai Land Department in the client’s name - this is an official site plot plan delineating the boundaries of the property
  • Affection Plan from the Dubai Municipality, Trakhees or DDA showing that the property belongs to the client

Once the documents are submitted, the approval process begins and a Modification approval is given. 

Beginning Construction

After the approval is obtained, we begin the actual construction process. 

This involves excavating the pool, doing a soil compaction test and then concreting the bottom of the pool. 

Blockwork is laid to define the pool perimeter and then the steel is laid as per DM approved plans. At this point, an inspector will come out to have a look at the steelwork. 

Simultaneously, the plumbing, electrical and piping is laid out before pool guniting is done. This is a process where concrete is sprayed at high pressure, over the steel framework to form the walls of the pool. 

The next step is waterproofing after which the pool coping tiles and the interior pool tiles and grouting can be completed. 

We can then commission the pool. Once the pool is completed, a DM officer will come out to check the pool and plumbing. 

Inspiration Boards For Swimming Pool Design Pictures

Giving your swimming pool contractor a clear idea of your vision is extremely important. 

One of the best ways to do this is to show them images of what you like and want. They can then use these to suggest local materials and finishes to help you achieve the look you want.

Pinterest is an excellent source of inspirational images. You can find ideas for your pools here

Milestone also has a Pinterest board that showcases their vast experience in not just swimming pools, but in every aspect of residential and landscape design as well. 

You can get plenty of ideas from the varied pools Milestone has built here

Swimming Pool Design Tiles

Swimming pool tiles can give your pool character and make it a really special feature of your landscape. 

While they may not be as critical as plumbing and filtration systems, they definitely have immediate visual impact.

Today, modern homeowners are lucky to have a huge selection to choose from.   

Here are some things to consider when making this all-important decision. 

You can opt to tile the entire pool or just tile the waterline. The waterline is the top 6 inches of your pool. 

Start With The Overall Look

Don’t make the mistake of choosing your pool tile in isolation. 

You should consider the surrounding landscape, the vibe you want to create, pool coping tiles and what you want your feature walls to look like. 

The entire design should tie in together for a well-designed, cohesive look. 

Pool Tile Quality

Good quality pool tiles may be more expensive but are well worth the additional cost. 

Don’t go just for looks. Poor quality tiles may look pretty, but replacing tiles that fall off is a costly affair. 

Every time you repair your pool tiles, you will need to empty and refill your pool, leading to big water bills. 

Swimming pool tiles are specially designed to withstand exposure to the sun, harsh chemicals and good water absorption.

Good quality swimming pool tiles will:

  • Have good water absorption and bond better with tile adhesives 
  • Have high-quality glaze that makes them resistant to pool chemicals and fade resistant when exposed to the sun
  • Not crack due to temperature differences
  • Be anti-slip when wet or dry
  • Be able to withstand water pressure when constantly submerged 

Don’t go for pool-grade tiles or those that are designed for bathrooms and kitchens. 

These tiles will not last very long as they are not designed for pool conditions.

Pool Tile Color

The pool tile color is a personal choice and will depend on the look you’re going for.

Light blue or light-colored tiles will give the water blue color. Because light colors reflect the sun, this is a good choice for smaller pools as it makes them look bigger. 

beautiful pool tile colorSOURCE: irastar

Darker tiles create a more dramatic mood. For example, brown tiles will give the water a greenish tinge for when you want a more natural pond-like look for your pool. 

darker tiles swimming poolsSOURCE: unsplash

Mosaic blends are also available - these contain tiles with three different colors. You can find subtle blends for a more modern look or dramatic blends if you’re going for a more decorative look. 

mosaic blends for swimming poolSOURCE: landscapingnetworkRecent 

Pool Tile Grout 

The pool tile grout should complement your tile color, enhancing the effect you wish to create. 

For lighter or white tiles, opt for an off-white grout color. 

For darker colored tiles, grey grout is recommended. 

There are many high-performance grouts on the market today. These are fast setting, quick-drying, mold-resistant grouts that can make your pool easy to clean and maintain. 

Your swimming pool contractor will be able to advise you on the best grout to use for your swimming pool.

Pool Tile Material And Shapes

The most common types of pool tiles are either ceramic or glass tiles. Both come in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

Ceramic mosaics are the traditionally popular tiles we see in many pools. They are easier to lay as they bond well with the pool shell. 

Glass mosaic tiles have gained popularity in the last 10 years. They are more expensive but also come in a huge variety of finishes and colors. 

You can find glass mosaic tiles that give you an iridescent, pearl, crystal or gold effect, making your pool sparkle like a jewel. 

Pool tiles are also available in more shapes than just square-shaped. You can find rectangular, hexagon-shaped and irregular shaped tiles. 

However, consider ease of laying and longevity and not just the looks when choosing your pool tiles. 

Best Swimming Pool Contractors In Dubai

Milestone is a mid-range company; there are many swimming pool contractors in Dubai that are cheaper and those that are more expensive. 

However, with the value we provide, we are one of the best swimming pool contractors in Dubai. 

What sets us apart from other companies is our extensive experience. 

We have worked on pools of all shapes and sizes and we pride ourselves on listening to our clients and customizing our pools to suit their requirements and lifestyle. 

We advise our clients on the costs of maintaining the pools. We offer many suggestions on design, materials and style to minimize recurring design costs.

Our pools are built to the highest safety standards with all permits and approvals. 

We offer comprehensive warranties on our pool structures, equipment and systems so that the client is protected. 

As we are also general contractors, we can visualize your pool within the landscape. This ensures a cohesive design in which the pool will always look good. 

This also increases the value of the property in the long run, making it easier for owners to sell or rent.  

We inspire style and we enrich the space - not just the pool but its surrounds as well. This is vital to the successful design of any landscape. 

Please look at our website and brochure and we look forward to offering you our expertise for your pool and landscape design.  

Sejal Nagjee

Sejal Nagjee, Milestone's CEO and Creative Director is a gifted designer. Regardless of the project scale or scope, from homes and offices, hotels and restaurant, to gardens and exterior living spaces, her distinctive style injects a fresh and vibrant perspective to every living space. With over 30,000 hours of hands-on experience, across a wide breadth of interior and exterior design and build projects, Sejal has the skills, passion, resources and industry connections to get the job done on time!


Street # 13 -Al Quoz Industrial 3 Dubai
United Arab Emirates

Office Hours - 9:00AM - 6:00PM | Sun-Thurs


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