Interior Design

Overview of the project

Simplicity In Design And Yet The Glamour Space


Meadows, Dubai


The client was tired of the design and look of her villa so she called up Milestone for a complete overhaul.


It’s always so nice to be a part of a whole Interior transformation. I thank Smita for this great opportunity and would love to share with you the journey.

Smita has a lovely Hattan villa located in Meadows, Dubai. She was tired of the old look and the villa layout that was very departmental and disjointed. She wanted to utilize the space better, connect spaces and revamp the whole ground floor.

Smita wanted a nice German fitted kitchen, classy powder room, welcoming living room and dining room.

She wanted a functional, usable, funky bar. From a great and inviting entrance to replacement of her main door, she wanted a very modern and contemporary place for the next 10 years.


Hattan Villas have small partitioned sliding doors and 3 different rooms with a passage and that makes it very difficult to connect spaces. We brought the main door forward, using the front wasted porch space and fixed a glass roof on top.

Leather parquet was used on the marble in the central living room. Walls were partially broken, windows made larger by letting the non loadbearing columns go and the house was completely remodeled.

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Ceilings and walls were enhanced with wallpaper and the house was completely white with just a dash of color on one wall and color brought out through cushions and paintings on the wall. Wood works are all done in our in house carpentry and customized.


The old kitchen was completely ripped apart and new flooring tiles, MEP works done to install a German fitted kitchen that she just loves!


Powder room was upgraded with a new vanity counter and the wash basin wall enhanced.


Bar is the most happening place in her house and her son loves to host his friends and all of them love to party there. It’s very convenient as all glasses are placed in drawers and you don’t need to bend much to bring things out.

Wine cooler and fridge are in the same space too.


The Result

Smita is so happy with her space. Its been 5 years since we designed this and it still looks new, charming and in vogue as it is a timeless design.

She is enjoying the simplicity in design and yet the glamour in her space. It’s white and yet vibrant. It’s functional and practical and a space that she is proud of. It reflects her personality and makes it a home!

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