Lantana Villa landscaping upgrade



This Lantana Villa landscaping upgrade came to Milestone on the recommendation of the Lantana group and through our website. The client was looking to upgrade the mundane finishes of the existing landscape, which did not utilize the compact backyard space effectively.

Milestone was brought in to redesign the outdoor space to appear gracious, warm and welcoming. The client wanted a landscape with an inviting ambience that could comfortably accomodate a large group of people without feeling small and stuffy.

Comprising over 440 villas with 17 different villa types, the Lantana villa is part of a close-knit community split into two gated communities. With a prime location boasting easy access to the city’s educational and business hubs, residents of this vibrant community enjoy access to a wide range of nearby amenities including sports courts, pools, retail, dining and healthcare facilities.

The clients love spending their time outdoors in their garden, but found that the current design did not adequately meet their needs.

Milestone met with them to listen to their requirements, understand the shortcomings of the current landscape and discuss the new upgrades and budget for improvements to the garden.

We redesigned the outdoor space as an extension to the home, opening up views from the interior through to the outside. By doing this, we were able to strengthen the indoor-outdoor connection and make the rear garden feel like a great outdoor room.

As soon as one enters the house, they can see right across the living room through to the outdoor space. We installed bifold doors to open up from the living room to the outside garden. This visually made the garden look larger by blurring the boundaries between interior and exterior space.

The Project


To visually expand the compact backyard, we opted for a modern, minimal look with wooden accents to add warmth to the garden. Hence, we worked with a few repeated materials that helped to tie the space together and complemented the clean lines of the villa.

A uniform pattern of monochromatic porcelain tiles were used to replace the outdoor paving. The long, linear tiles are laid parallel to the house, giving the backyard the illusion of greater length and depth.

We opted for light colored paving to match the indoor tile color, giving the appearance of continuity from inside to outside. The lighter colors also make the outdoor space feel bright and airy.

We created different zones within the garden to allow the clients to use the space for a variety of functions. A new built-in seating with a monolithic fireplace creates a cozy outdoor seating nook, visible from the living room. A light colored marble was chosen for the fireplace to match the light colored porcelain pavers.

A dark wooden wall with lanterns forms a charming backdrop to the seating area. The dark wood color contrasts with the light paving and fireplace. Colorful cushions were used to pick up on the interior accents and add a pop of color to the monochromatic beige colors.

Beige colored stacked stone was used to clad the seat wall; this cladding continues to form low planters and terminates into a backdrop for a white statue at the end of the side yard. A beautiful statue of the elephant God ‘Ganesha’, tucked into a niche near the seating, forms an interesting focal point. The niche is outlined with hidden LED strip lights that draw attention to this feature.

The narrow side yard was simply designed with large masses of plantings that frame a textured beige walkway. The stacked stone turns the corner to form a low planter that links to the design features in the backyard.

At the other end of the backyard, a dark wooden pergola offers a shaded space for a bar and built-in barbeque counter. The bar counter is made of the same light colored marble as the fire table.

Dark wicker chairs pick up on the color of the wooden accents that are subtly used to offset the predominantly light color palette of the garden. A small free-standing table with a couple of chairs provides an informal seating area that is ideal for a casual cup of tea.

The lighting truly transformed this backyard into a wonderful, warm space at night. A series of string lights, suspended from wooden overhangs attached to the house, span  across the expanse of the backyard to the top of the property line walls. These provide a festive ambience year round, creating a vibrant, lively outdoor space that is perfect for entertaining with guests and family.

Warm colored LED strip lights mounted under the overhang of the seat wall and planters, make the landscape structures appear to be floating and emphasize their linear lines.

Green plants are used to frame the lantern wall and statues, softening the lines of the hardscape with their soft, organic forms. A few potted plants, placed around the garden, give occupants the feeling of being outdoors amongst nature.

The Result

The upgrades to the landscape make the most efficient use of a small outdoor space. The light colors visually expand the space, while subtle pops of color brighten it and tie the exterior decor to the interior color accents.

Milestone understood what the client wanted and transformed a small, mundane backyard into a cheerful, fun outdoor space, which is exactly what the clients hoped for.

The simple material palette is complemented by the neutral colors and a selective plant palette. As the space is compact, the clean  minimal lines of the landscape features serve to make it feel spacious and uncluttered.

Yet, Milestone made sure that all the functions can be accommodated within the backyard. There are plenty of seating options; one can choose to sit around the fire table, have a casual meal at the small table or choose to socialize at the bar counter by the barbeque.

There is also plenty of open space to bring in extra chairs for flexible seating when the clients decide to host larger events.

The indoor-outdoor connection is integral to the design and Milestone achieved this by opening up the interiors to the outside. Although the outdoor space is compact, the creative layout and placement of furniture, both free-standing and built-in, allows the clients to easily accommodate 30-40 guests without making the space feel cramped.

The clients love their new garden and it has transformed the way they entertain and use their outdoor space. The elegant colors and finishes, the clear flow of space in the garden design and the  warm, ambient lighting all create a well-finished outdoor space that the client is proud to show off to his friends and family.