Swimming Pool Design

Overview of the project

Are you contemplating adding a touch of luxury to your villa, especially with the warmer months on the horizon? Now is the ideal time to start planning any building or renovation projects.

While the addition of a swimming pool can certainly enhance your lifestyle and add charm to your property, it’s essential to consider several practical factors before diving into the design and construction process. With over 20 years of experience in the construction industry and a proven track record of completing over 1000 successful projects, we understand the importance of careful planning.


Key Features for Building Your Dream Pool: What to Keep in Mind


Swimming Pool Design


In this blog, we’ll share three key considerations to keep in mind before embarking on the transformative journey of designing and constructing your swimming pool. From ensuring functionality to maximizing enjoyment, we’ll explore the most popular and functional qualities to incorporate into your outdoor space.


Consider constructing a pergola above a section of your pool or pool area if you anticipate spending extended periods there. This addition can offer protection from the sun or rain, ensuring comfort and enjoyment.

Pergolas can be tailored to various styles and functions, providing more extensive coverage than a traditional sun umbrella or tree. Whether you desire an open pergola for relaxed poolside lounging, a partially enclosed space for added privacy, or something in between, the options are plentiful in terms of style and functionality to suit your preferences.

Pergolas rank among the most sought-after amenities in swimming pool designs.


Crafted with your unique style in mind, these awe-inspiring structures elevate the allure of your outdoor space, serving as mesmerizing, mood-enhancing works of art.

Also, depending on the desired type of water feature, these elements can provide a gentle trickle, replicate soothing ocean sounds, or produce a dramatic waterfall cascade. Engineered to mask disruptive noises such as loud neighbors, barking dogs, or bustling traffic, water features have the power to convert stress into a tranquil personal retreat.


Often overlooked, the choice of surface surrounding your pool is a crucial consideration. Nowadays, there’s a wide range of options available, from anti-slip stone and tiles that naturally remain cool even on scorching days to decking that provides a tropical ambiance, offers drainage, and feels pleasant underfoot.

Stone and tiles exude a classic charm, with stone lending a rustic appeal and tiles boasting a modern and stylish vibe. Grass is another option, perfect for leisurely lounging or picnicking by the poolside, especially if you prefer the sensation of soft grass beneath your feet. With each option offering a unique feel and experience, we recommend exploring various pool settings before making your decision.


Investing in quality pool lighting is highly worthwhile as it serves multiple purposes: illuminating your pool for safe evening swims, enhancing visual aesthetics, and creating an impressive ambiance. Whether you prefer a colorful display, a classic illumination, accentuating specific features, or simply brightening the space, pool lighting extends the usability of your outdoor area into the evening hours.

Don’t overlook this essential feature that allows you to fully enjoy the captivating visuals of your cherished swimming pool design and landscape.

The Result

In conclusion, the addition of a swimming pool design to your luxury abode is a substantial investment that necessitates thoughtful deliberation. By prioritizing practicality, investing in superior lighting, and emphasizing the enhancement of property value, you can create a captivating swimming pool area that not only enriches your lifestyle but also augments the long-term value of your property.

Excited to embark on your swimming pool design and construction journey? Contact Milestone Dubai today, and let us bring your vision to fruition with unparalleled craftsmanship and expertise.