Jumeirah Islands Landscaping Project

Jumeirah Islands Landscaping Project


This Jumeirah Islands landscaping project is a landscaping upgrade for a young, dynamic couple, who love to entertain friends and family at their home. The design creatively uses the pie-shaped plot to enhance views of the beautifully-designed landscape from the prominent rooms in the house.


Jumeirah Island plots are typically pie-shaped with generous entrances and spacious backyards. These are accessed via narrow side-yards, much like a slice of cake.

The clients extended their existing plot by purchasing additional land. They widened the existing property by 4m and lengthened  it by an additional 23m.  Effectively, this acts like two plots, giving us a generous canvas to design with. 

Our design makes full use of the ample entryway to create a warm, welcoming vibe for family and visitors. Water features, accent plants and subtle lighting create a luxurious ambience that is inviting and fun - perfect for a young couple.

The entrance is wide and spacious, planted with lush trees and plants along the property. These provide a measure of privacy from neighbors and frame the front entrance to the house. 

20mm thick beige-colored porcelain driveway tiles are bordered by a carpet of grass leading to the entrance. The neutral color of the paving reflects that of the house and the rest of the garden. 

We lit the front entrance of this Jumeirah Island landscaping project with a combination of lighting that adds to the warmth. To complement the facade lighting, we kept the landscaping lighting simple and subtle.

We lit the front entrance of this Jumeirah Island landscaping project

A palm tree, set in the center of a cascading water feature, forms a charming focal point. 

Tucked into a corner, adjacent to the entrance, the spill-edge tiers are brought into sharp focus by strip LED lights that outline the edges. Small plants surround the water feature, giving it the appearance of an oasis and setting the mood for the rest of the house.


The Project

The prominent entertainment zones in the house are located at the rear with views out onto the garden. 

These look out onto the landscaped rear garden, which features a mesmerizing infinity edge pool. We raised the pool with a baja step for sun loungers and a shallow children’s play area. 

To help the clients visualize their backyard, we prepared 3D visuals and adhered closely to these when installing the landscape.

The Project

To help the clients visualize their backyard

3D visualization of the pool area 

The raised pool walls are clad with black stone that offers a delicate contrast to the surrounding beige porcelain tiles. 10mm porcelain tiles are used for all the paving, which ties the entire landscape design together.

The raised pool walls are clad

We highlighted squat palm trees with uplights to give the rear garden a resort-like look. The pool and its surrounds are visible from the living and dining rooms. As you enter the house, the open design allows one to look right through the house to the rear garden beyond. 

This creates a visual connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces. 

The lighting sets the garden apart at night.  To set the mood, we used a variety of lighting, which  works equally well for entertaining or relaxing with the family.

Uplights, downlights, feature lighting, step lights, planter-box lights, LED strip lights, driveways and pathway lights are all effectively used to enhance focal points and draw the eye effortlessly through the garden.

The lighting sets the garden apart at night

At one end of the infinity pool, we designed an elegant pergola tucked amongst the trees. The pergola design is clean and modern. Wooden slats create a semi-enclosed space that feels like an extension of the landscape.

Rust-red colored cushions add a pop of bright color to offset the neutral design palette. The vibe is chilled and relaxing, creating the perfect ambience for a night under the stars with friends and family.

We opted for wood porcelain tiles for the pool deck. These  withstand the hot summer heat of Dubai without fading or needing constant care. They are low maintenance and a more sustainable option for the landscape.

3D visual of the pergola

At the other end of the rear garden, I designed a pergola with a lantern wall, which is my signature design. The pergola houses a modern fireplace, stone-clad bar and concrete seating brought to life with creative lighting. 

This area offers yet another cozy seating space for parties or entertaining and also balances out the pergola at the other end.

We also utilized the narrow side-yards on either side of the house that connect the front and back gardens. 

Located close to the pergola with the fireplace, we designed a barbecue counter to serve the seating area. The walls of the built-in barbecue counter are clad with stone, and topped with a granite countertop. 

Tucked into the greenery on the opposite side, is a built-in bench for seating, creating an ideal nook for a cozy conversation.

The Result


The Result

The outdoor design for this Jumeirah Islands Landscaping project is both fun and engaging for guests and family. 

We used the unique shape of the plot to enhance the design by creating many zones that are great for gathering and having a conversation. 

This well-thought out design provides ample opportunity for al-fresco dining and entertaining during the more pleasant months. 

Rich wooden surfaces blend with porcelain and stone to create a resort-like vibe for the garden. The lighting gives the garden a mesmerizing quality at night and brings the space to life.   

We relish a challenge and would love the opportunity to work with you to realise your visions for your home and outdoor space. Please contact a member of our design team for an initial consultation to get the process started.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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