Hattan Villa Landscaping Project


Hattan Villa Landscaping SOURCE: Recent Milestone Project

Written by Sejal Nagjee

This Hattan villa landscaping project is a modern interpretation of local Arabic architecture, with its sand colored facade and neat wooden pergolas.

Hattan is a vibrant community of exclusive homes located at The Lakes, just off Sheikh Zayed Road. The clients tasked us with the design of their landscape for their villa at Hattan.

To make the most of their outdoor area, the clients wanted to create flexible outdoor spaces. They wanted to be able to enjoy the backyard as a family. They also wanted a design that would work equally well for entertaining and hosting parties.

Hattan Villa Entrance SOURCE: Recent Milestone Project

The entrance to the house sets the tone for the rest of the landscape.

Hence, we paired the majestic Buddha head with a soothing stone water fountain. Paired with the lush planting, this gives the entrance a distinct tropical vibe.

We also treated the adjacent vertical faces with alternating wood and stone cladding. The color of the wood picks up on the wood used for the upper floor railings.

This warm brown color is also reflected in the flooring detail, creating a charming, well planned entrance to the house.

The Project

Hattan Villa outdoor area SOURCE: Recent Milestone Project

To accommodate the client's outdoor requirements for their Hattan villa landscaping, we designed an overflow pool with a spacious seating area and outdoor kitchen.

beautiful seating area with modern wooden pergola SOURCE: Recent Milestone Project

Therefore, we used a large 5m x 9m footprint for the seating area and covered it with a modern wooden pergola. The color of this pergola picks up on the color of the pergolas on the house.

stone clad bar counterSOURCE: Recent Milestone Project

The ceiling of the pergola is clad with shabby chic wood for a relaxed, laid-back vibe.

The covered seating area houses a stone clad bar counter furnished with stylish bar stools and an outdoor kitchen.

linear outdoor kitchen - Hattan Villa Landscaping SOURCE: Recent Milestone Project

Conveniently located next to the seating area, we also designed a linear outdoor kitchen furnished with a built-in barbecue and sink.

Consequently, we provided ample storage in this outdoor kitchen for storing necessary tools and equipment to keep the countertop looking clean and clutter-free.

Seating area - Hattan Villa Landscaping SOURCE: Recent Milestone Project

The outdoor furniture is both comfortable and durable with plush cushions and slanting seat backs.

It comprises a long L-shaped sofa seat, an armchair and a delightful swing.

An elegant open screen, comprising a wooden grid decorated with candles, provides a stylish enclosure for this seating area. The semi-open screen design also makes the seating area feel like a part of the landscape.

The Result

overflow pool - focal point of Hattan villa landscapingSOURCE: Recent Milestone Project

The focal point of this Hattan villa landscaping is the organic shaped overflow pool.

Its fluid lines provide a pleasing contrast to the orthogonal lines of the house and surrounding property walls. Moreover, the pool also helps to break up the expanse of paving.

charming sunken seating areaSOURCE: Recent Milestone Project

At the far end of the pool, a charming sunken seating area is covered with a thatched roof, giving it a tropical vibe.

The curved polished granite coping also serves as a bar counter, wide enough for people to place their glasses.

A couple of round built-in stools are provided in the pool so people can enjoy their drinks whilst in the water.

A circular spa, next to the sunken seating, is ideal for relaxing with a few drinks. It is strategically located close to the pool and the seating area so that people can carry on a conversation from all three locations.

Amazing open space - Hattan Villa LandscapingSOURCE: Recent Milestone Project

The design for this Hattan villa landscaping provides for ample open space around the pool and seating area. Part of this open space is paved and part of it covered with artificial grass.

This allows for flexibility in use; children have plenty of space to play outside everyday. If the family decides to host a party, they can transform this outdoor space with chairs and tables.

vine-covered nook SOURCE: Recent Milestone Project

Several seating areas have been designed throughout the rear yard so family and friends can choose where they’d like to sit.

One of these is a lovely seating nook, adjacent to the house. We covered it in a sweet-smelling jasmine vine that delights the senses.

From here, parents can keep a watchful eye on their children or simply enjoy the backyard view from the comfort of their sofas.

The vine-covered nook is also a great option for Al Fresco dining in the cooler winter months.

rear yard - Hattan villa landscaping SOURCE: Recent Milestone Project

The rear yard is accessed via a lush, planted side yard that is shaded and visually attractive.

While most designs overlook these secondary spaces, the side yard of this Hattan villa landscaping is well planned. We planted large-leafed plants in shades of green, to enhance the tropical feel.

attractive look of Hattan Villa Landscaping SOURCE: Recent Milestone Project

Discreetly tucked amidst this planting is a clean, modern water wall clad in stacked stone.

The water feature is placed directly across from the house windows so that people seated inside have an attractive feature to look out on to.

The water wall is surrounded by abundant planting such as bamboo to give it a natural appeal.

lovely entrance of Hattan Villa Landscaping SOURCE: Recent Milestone Project

Lighting plays an integral part in transforming this lovely Hattan villa landscaping at night.

Hidden light sources at the entrance of the house transform this space into a warm, welcoming entryway.

A string of lights that are mounted across the backyard above the pool area, create a festive mood that is perfect for parties or for family get-togethers.

beautiful LED lights seating area SOURCE: Recent Milestone Project

In the covered seating area, we used color-changing LED lights for a sophisticated look. These are supplemented with flush-mounted ceiling spotlights to create a warm ambiance.

enlightened backyard of Hattan Villa LandscapingSOURCE: Recent Milestone Project

Subdued, diffused lighting from a variety of light sources provides adequate light for safety and functional use of spaces for the entire rear yard.

Light sources are discreetly mounted to minimize glare. When lighting your landscape, it is advisable to go minimal with lighting.

An overlit garden can detract from the outdoor features and make it uncomfortable to use the space for long periods of time.

The clients love their backyard and enjoy spending time with their family and friends.

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