Green Community Dubai Investments Park Landscaping Project

flexible design of landscaping projectSOURCE: Recent Milestone Project


This Green Community Dubai Investments Park landscaping project is a landscaping upgrade that maximizes use of an awkwardly shaped plot to create an extension of the home, with stunning views to the lush, planted garden.

The Green Community Dubai Investment Parks is a secure community nestled amidst natural greenery and lush surroundings. Hence, we used a light green hedge, interspersed with plumeria trees and pennisetum grass at the front of the property to maintain the vibrant greenery of the surrounding community.

MBR city and landscaping project designs SOURCE: Recent Milestone Project

The villa was previously landscaped with some tiling and grass upgrades. 

However, Milestone’s design brief was to enhance the outdoor space considering the client’s lifestyle and their desire to entertain. 

We re-designed the outdoor space, envisioning a flexible design that would allow the backyard to be used by the family, as well as creating a space that would work equally well for entertaining.  

To make the most of the outdoor area, Milestone enhanced the pool surrounds with elegant wall features and redesigned the side yard with pathways and subtle lighting.

The Project

As the swimming pool was an important visual element, viewed from all the major living spaces within the house, we focused our efforts on enhancing the pool surrounds. 

We replaced the large expanse of conventional green grass with outdoor porcelain pavers in an earthy tone to complement the exterior house color. Porcelain tiles are extremely durable in Dubai’s harsh weather conditions and are easy to maintain. Furthermore, the variation in color tone gave the paved space a natural look and feel.  

In addition, the large paved space allowed us to place relaxing lounge chairs around the pool for family use and also created a finished, elegant-looking outdoor space for hosting parties.

outdoor space of MBR City and Landscaping Project SOURCE: Recent Milestone Project

A view of the backyard before

amazing indoor outdoor space SOURCE: Recent Milestone Project

A view of the backyard after the landscape was upgraded

The tall property line walls provided a great design opportunity, extending from the side yard through to the back garden. 

We decided to combine rich-colored wood to offset the neutral boundary walls. Horizontal wood panels were mounted on the adjacent pool wall and softened with green planting.  

This wood treatment continued through to the side yard walls, where we used a mahogany-colored vertical wood pattern to add a depth of color and provide a visually pleasing backdrop for the layered planting. 

As with the back, the grass in the side yard was replaced with porcelain pavers, providing continuity from front to back and tying the entire landscape together. 

In the side yard, linear squares of white gravel oriented the pathway parallel to the house. They were used to provide some relief from the paving and planted with colorful, low-lying portulaca grandiflora for  an added pop of color.

glowing and warm entranceSOURCE: Recent Milestone Project

glowing and warm entranceSOURCE: Recent Milestone Project

Before and after views of the side yard 

Tucked into the space created by the shape of the home, is the heart of the garden: the gazebo. Constructed of waterproof materials, it is attached to the house to form an outdoor extension that opens up to the rear garden space. 

The old wooden pergola was demolished and a new one erected in its place.

glowing and warm entranceSOURCE: Recent Milestone Project

View of the old pergola structure

The clients can access the outdoor seating directly from the house. The gazebo is enclosed by the house walls and opens up to views of the pool, glimpsed through a pair of wooden columns. 

Constructed of waterproof materials, the family can comfortably use this indoor-outdoor, transitional seating area year round. 

Even during the rains, the furniture and seating remain dry, owing to the waterproof roof covering. Dubai winters can be very foggy; the resulting morning dew is quite damaging to outdoor furniture. 

Furthermore, the protected seating area remains free of dust, sand and wind debris during the harsh summer months. 

Attached to the house, the intimate gazebo is detailed with rich-colored wooden elements that tie into the wood used on the property walls. The porcelain pavers used throughout the garden continue through to the flooring of the gazebo, creating a strong indoor/outdoor connection.  This attention to detail elevates the design of the home and its surrounding landscape. 

The enclosed gazebo also  offers a great space for entertaining. The furniture is light, durable and movable, offering the flexibility that was envisioned for the landscape design.

glowing and warm entranceSOURCE: Recent Milestone Project

View of the newly-constructed, waterproof pergola

The Result

The renovated landscape is more engaging and inviting for the family.  

Milestone carefully considered the lifestyle of the client and their need for flexibility, which can be seen throughout the garden space. 

The repetitive use of materials, such as wood and flooring, subtly tie  the different parts of the garden together to create a cohesive design. 

glowing and warm entranceSOURCE: Recent Milestone Project

Although the plot is not huge and the non-conventional shape might be considered a challenge, there is ample open space to accommodate large groups of people, if needed.  

The indoor-outdoor connection is emphasized by the strategic placement and design of the gazebo. Functional, yet beautiful, the gazebo offers a sheltered space from which to enjoy views of the pool and its abundant surroundings. 

Every part of the garden has been designed as part of a larger concept. Normally overlooked areas, such as the side yard, were given equal importance as an integral part of the overall landscaping. 

The planting is suited to Dubai’s climate, which can often be unforgiving. The plant palette is simple, with repeated use of plants to draw the eye around the property. 

At night, these plants are lit with subtle spot lights that contribute to the ambience of the garden space and bring it to life.  The pathways in the side yard are softly lit; the lighting is adequate in providing sufficient light without being jarring to the eye. 

The clients love their outdoor garden space and we have enjoyed bringing their vision to life. We look forward to more upgrades in the future. 

If you would like Milestone to give your outdoor space a new lease on life, please contact a member of our design team for an initial consultation.

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