Interior Design For Small Spaces – Tips And Tricks On Intelligent Decoration

Source: Small spaces pose many design challenges, not the least of which is how to style up your apartment and still make it functional. Compact interiors can be fun to decorate; don’t automatically assume that a small room cannot look cool. Intelligent interior design for small spaces can turn a challenging space into a … Read more

Small Bedroom Interior Design – Tips For Making The Most of Your Space

On average, we spend a third of our lives in our bedrooms. Therefore, bedrooms need to be designed with careful consideration, irrespective of their size. When you’re working with a smaller square footage, achieving your  dream bedroom can seem almost impossible. However, you can use colors, textures and furniture creatively, in small bedroom interior design, … Read more

Home Office Interior Design Do’s And Don’ts Every Beginner Should Know

The digital age has made working from home increasingly popular. You can  save on travel time and with a well-planned, home office interior design, you can work from the comfort of your own home. Besides that, it is fashionable to invite clients home and showcase your work in a stylish office space. Hence, it is … Read more

Interior Design Dining Room Solutions For The Discerning Client

Meal times are family time, when everyone gets together to talk about their day. It is often the only time when the entire family comes together to share memorable moments.  This makes the dining experience more of a social event. A well-designed interior design dining room is conducive to long conversations; a place to relax … Read more