As your life get busier and more demanding, a custom built office would be so nice to get the job done.

Our professional office interior designers create effective and enjoyable workspaces tailored to your particular market, skill, or profession. Whether you want a individual or shared workspaces, open or closed display areas, a home office or a large space to house your organization, we can help you design and execute your vision.

Home office, corporate office, or a personal creative space: we help you design and fit out a creative space in which you will love to work and will feel like home!

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Custom Sizes, Shapes, and Functions

At Milestone, we have designed numerous office designs across Dubai in a variety of styles and sizes, customized to suit the preferences and lifestyle of our clients.  Our office design and fit out team pay attention to all of the details that matter for your project:

  • Sound
  • Storage
  • Lighting
  • Furniture
  • Emphasize what your office space is for
  • Set a tone that motivates work and productivity
  • Create an office space that you want to work in

Our Office Interior Designs Projects in Dubai

We work collaboratively with you.  Our office interior design and fit out experts will create an office design that not only complements your personal or corporate style but one that also blends seamlessly with your work flow.

Our office interior designers use proportion and scale to set a room’s tone. Simply put, we consider how the size and relationship of objects in a room affect how you feel when you’re in it.

When it comes to your home office, work office, or corporate work space it’s important to emphasize those objects that will tell the brain “this is a space for work.” Together we will work to ensure that visually, these items will command a majority of the attention.

Regardless of whether you seek an entire office interior fit out, or an office interior refurbishment, we are here to help you design and fit out the office space that will set the tone for productivity.

Our Dubai Office Interior Design Projects

Our Office Interior Services team have extensive experience in office designs and fit out throughout Dubai.

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Interior Fit Out

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Frequently Asked Questions

Surely you can use your existing furniture, even refurbish it by changing upholstery or adding or mixing some new and old.

Not necessarily. It depends on the scope of the work.

Bathroom refurbishments can be done by not doing all at the same time. If kitchen needs an upgrade, we can create a temporary kitchen. Wardrobes and all joinery can be done from joinery and then installed.

Any interior tiling or demolitions and remodeling will cause inconvenience and noise but it is possible to do work whilst in the house depending on the scope chosen to do.

Depending on the scope of works , from 30-360 days even if the villa is very large!

We can accommodate projects when the scope is defined, provided the budget is approx AED 50,000 and design fees are paid.

We offer design and furniture globally but our execution and build services are only in Dubai. 

If you are really looking for a true transformation, Milestone can help. General budgets, even for small apartments, start at AED 50,000. We would love to discuss ideas and talk about the scope required. 


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