Whether built from scratch, customized to your specifications, or simply revamp your current kitchen, our expert design team will help you transform your kitchen. Think about how much time you spend in your kitchen: it’s the heart and soul of your home. We’ll help modify and upgrade your kitchen with changing locations of your inlet and drain points, upgrading lighting, appliances, and countertops.

Our team of professional consultants, contractors, designers, and creative artists will help make your dream kitchen an awe inspiring reality. We offer kitchen remodeling services that are a perfect mix of efficiency and aesthetic designing. Additionally, we also design, craft and install quality custom cabinetry to give your kitchen a modern look while simultaneously enhancing its utility.

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Custom Sizes, Shapes, and Functions

At Milestone, we have designed numerous modern and luxury kitchens in a variety of styles and sizes, customized to suit the preferences and lifestyle of our clients.

  • Induction vs Gas Or Electric Cooking
  • Kitchen Worktops
  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Framed Cabinets
  • Frameless Cabinets
  • Kitchen Cutlery Drawers
  • Kitchen Corner Cabinets
  • Customized Storage For Pots And Pans
  • Kitchen Furniture
  • Modern Kitchen Cabinets
  • Luxury Kitchen Collections
  • Modern German Style Kitchens
  • Indoor & Outdoor Living Space Kitchens

Our Luxury Dubai Kitchen Projects

You can only experience the bliss of having a totally new kitchen interior when you really explore options to fulfill your needs. As modern kitchens are multi-functional spaces, you can customize your luxury kitchen interior design to make the most efficient use of your space.

Your luxury kitchen has many elements, you can choose everything from simple white cabinets, German style units, custom-built modern kitchen furniture:

Induction cooktops are more energy efficient as they heat cooking utensils directly. Hence, you waste less heat as there is no external heating element.

Modern kitchen interior design has a strong architectural element in cabinets. When building your kitchen cabinets you have two design choices – framed and frameless kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen drawers are easier to access than kitchen cabinets. You can design a shallow shelf for organizing your lids and detachable handles. This way, everything is at hand when you need it.

Traditional kitchen interior designs typically include more decorative elements such as moldings or corbels. They often feature natural materials such as stone or wood which are valued for their warmth and character.

Our Dubai Kitchen Designs Projects

Our designers have crafted have extensive experience in kitchen design and installation throughout Dubai.

Our design team have delivered over 700 projects across Dubai, UAE including many luxury kitchens and home kitchen remodelling projects with modern furniture.

The kitchen is the heart of your home and our modern kitchen interior design team are also able to create a kitchen in your outdoor living spaces.

When you work with us, your kitchen designer will meet you at your home so you can discuss your kitchen design and give the designer the input they need to create the modern kitchen of your dreams.

You can also visit our 10,000 sq ft Jumeirah Park show villa to see indoor and outdoor kitchens we've built, see our custom build modern furniture.

Contact us today to discuss your kitchen design ideas with our expert designers, we can meet you at your Dubai home to see your existing kitchen and work with you to design your new modern kitchen together.

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Interior Fit Out

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Frequently Asked Questions

Surely you can use your existing furniture, even refurbish it by changing upholstery or adding or mixing some new and old.

Not necessarily. It depends on the scope of the work.

Bathroom refurbishments can be done by not doing all at the same time. If kitchen needs an upgrade, we can create a temporary kitchen. Wardrobes and all joinery can be done from joinery and then installed.

Any interior tiling or demolitions and remodeling will cause inconvenience and noise but it is possible to do work whilst in the house depending on the scope chosen to do.

Depending on the scope of works , from 30-360 days even if the villa is very large!

We can accommodate projects when the scope is defined, provided the budget is approx AED 50,000 and design fees are paid.

We offer design and furniture globally but our execution and build services are only in Dubai. 

If you are really looking for a true transformation, Milestone can help. General budgets, even for small apartments, start at AED 50,000. We would love to discuss ideas and talk about the scope required. 

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