Gazebo design in Dubai is different to many places.

Not only does it need to be elegant and functional, it also needs to meet specific requirements in most communities.

We've built gazebos that meet these requirements for over 15 years.

We know how you enhance the beauty of your outdoor space with an elegant gazebo.

Gazeebo Design

What is a Gazebo?

A gazebo is a hut like Shade structure of about 3-3.5 m height that does not have a flat roof.

They produce shade, style, elegance, and functional space to entertain your family and friends for years to come.

A gazebo can work as the key element in designing your outdoor living space.

Enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest in comfort and style. Why drive somewhere to enjoy good weather and good company when you can add a custom designed gazebo?

Our professional designers help you design and build a gazebo that suits your needs, lifestyle, and stands the test of time!

Gazebos Add Value To Your Home & Life

Extend your living space and enjoy the outdoors entertaining your family and friends.

Transform your outdoor space into a dining, lounging, or barbecue area.

At Milestone we provide custom landscape designs to create a perfect space for entertaining and socializing.

Different Styles of Wooden Gazebos

Do you have an outdoor space that you have been dreaming of upgrading? A gazebo will provide shade, style, elegance, and functional space to entertain your family and friends for years to come!

Modern gazebos can be used for a number of things:

  • From pool side entertaining
  • Air conditioned fitness centers
  • Children’s playhouses
  • A private home office
  • Dining and outdoor bar area

Custom Made Gazebo & Pergola Options

A custom designed wood gazebo is an excellent extension to your outdoor landscaping.

How you envision using your gazebo will determine your design.

Regardless of the size of your project, our team of professionals will custom design a beautiful wood gazebo that enhances your outdoor living space.

Together we will design and build a wood gazebo that takes your outdoor space to the next level of function.

At Milestone our designers can design and build many different styles of wood gazebos, for many different uses.

Looking for a pergola instead?  Check out our range of custom made pergolas here.


How Do You Waterproof a Wooden Gazebo or Pergolas?

The UAE has a unique climate that makes your wooden gazebo, pergola or outdoor furniture at risk of fading from sun damage.

The sandstorms of Dubai can also eat way at your landscape furniture and anything made of wood.  At Milestone, we've completed over 700 projects (interior, swimming pools and landscapes) so we've learned how to design outdoor tables, chairs, accessories and furniture sets that last over time.

We coat all gazebos and pergolas with special treatments to ensure your wood withstands the elements so your garden looks as fabulous a few years down the line.

Whilst aluminium metal gazebos and pergolas are an option (and the price can be attractive), they rarely provide the same aesthetic as wooden gazebos.  The use of wood fits with the natural feel of your plants and landscape better.

Our Dubai Gazebo Projects

We have extensive experience in gazebo design and installation throughout Dubai.

We build gazebos that work with your existing landscape, swimming pool and furniture to ensure your garden looks congruent.

From the roof to the wooden pillars, we consider every aspect of your outdoor space unlike many companies who are simply suppliers of gazebo sets.

Your wooden pergola or gazebo will likely be the most visible centrepiece of your landscaping design (along with your swimming pool if you have one).  Because of that, its important to realise a custom made gazebo that matches the style of your tables, chairs, outdoor furniture and the rest of your garden accessories.

By matching the style of your existing landscape, your outdoor space will feel congruent and connected.  This is the secret to gardens that feel "right".

When purchasing your gazebo or pergola, don't focus on price, but rather than final aesthetic your gazebo will create.   Yes, in the UAE you'll find many cheap aluminium gazebo and pergola sets, but its important to recognize that the look you are trying to replicate is created using wooden, custom made gazebos.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Landscaping budgets can vary, depending on your needs.  However, we focus on more comprehensive landscape transformations, therefore our minimum landscaping project budget is AED 50k.

No, you can remain in your home throughout the duration of your landscaping project. 

Our team are organized, tidy and respectful that they are working in your home.  We've completed over 700 projects and are very aware of how to minimize disruption to your life while the project is underway.

This depends on the scope of your project, it can take anywhere from weeks to months if the villa is very large.

We can design for anywhere in the world. We can also export our wide furniture range and materials at an additional charge. We take on projects globally. However, we  can only take on building and installations within Dubai.

We have been in business for 15 years and in this time we've built over 750 projects in Dubai and have an extensive client list

You can visit our show villa to see our work in person or view our landscape gallery here.

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