Our vertical gardens design and build service brings nature into your home or business.

Artwork or decorative pieces with nature themes can help create a feeling of tranquillity, and lush vertical gardens are an excellent way to add a little life to your space.

We believe vertical gardens deserve the same approach and attention to detail as traditional gardens.

Choosing the right plants for the best location is essential to assuring a healthy, functional and beautiful garden.

We use a broad diversity of species and continually seek to identify new plants to add to our designs.

vertical gardens design

Custom Sizes, Shapes, and Functions

As we embark on your vertical gardens design, we take into considerations layers, texture, contrast, color and blooming flowers to create the culminating finish to your wall..

  • Electrical power
  • Drain connection manhole.

Different Styles of Vertical Gardens

At Milestone, our expert team offer many vertical garden designs and we build many different styles, for many different uses:

Our design team will help you choose the ideal space, taking into account electrical power to properly maintain the fixed timer and drain connection manhole.

We use a broad diversity of species and continually seek to identify new plants to add to our vertical gardens design. Each project and plant selection is selected based on your specific conditions.

Our Vertical Gardens Design Projects

We have extensive experience in vertical gardens design and installation throughout Dubai.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Surely you can use your existing furniture, even refurbish it by changing upholstery or adding or mixing some new and old.

Not necessarily. It depends on the scope of the work.

Bathroom refurbishments can be done by not doing all at the same time. If kitchen needs an upgrade, we can create a temporary kitchen. Wardrobes and all joinery can be done from joinery and then installed.

Any interior tiling or demolitions and remodeling will cause inconvenience and noise but it is possible to do work whilst in the house depending on the scope chosen to do.

Depending on the scope of works , from 30-360 days even if the villa is very large!

We can accommodate projects when the scope is defined, provided the budget is approx AED 50,000 and design fees are paid.

We offer design and furniture globally but our execution and build services are only in Dubai. 

If you are really looking for a true transformation, Milestone can help. General budgets, even for small apartments, start at AED 50,000. We would love to discuss ideas and talk about the scope required. 

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