Landscape Design In Dubai – A Step By Step Guide To Your Ideal Garden

Landscape Design In Dubai – The Ultimate Guide SOURCE: Recent Milestone Project Written by Sejal Nagjee Today, landscape design in Dubai is a much sought after service. It involves much more thought than just throwing together a few plants in the space left over after locating the house. Recently, clients have become more involved in shaping … Read more

Landscape Design Firms – Distinguishing The Good From the Extraordinary

Many people look at the landscape as a kind of step-sister to the architecture. Often an afterthought,  we think of landscapes as what is left once the all important home stakes its claim on the land. Typically, landscape design firms are brought in once the house has been built and finished. Most clients maintain a … Read more

Creative Above Ground Swimming Pool Landscaping To Come Home To

SOURCE: BOSTON DESIGN GUIDE Swimming pools are a wonderful addition to any landscape; they can transform an ordinary outdoor space into one that is fun for the whole family. They are also great conversation starters, providing the ideal chill out space for guests to lounge and chit chat. An above ground swimming pool is any … Read more

Masgouf Restaurant – The Finest Regional Food Restaurant

Masgouf Restaurant – The Finest Regional Food Restaurant Masgouf is an Iraqi cuisine restaurant located on Jumeirah Beach Road. It’s one of the finest regional food restaurants, very popular and highly rated. Milestone was hired to design complete exteriors which is a huge space accommodating at east 150 seats in 2014. Space needed to be … Read more