Landscape Design In Dubai – The Ultimate Guide

Landscape Design In Dubai – The Ultimate Guide SOURCE: Recent Milestone ProjectWritten by Sejal Nagjee Today, landscape design in Dubai is a much sought after service. It involves much more thought than just throwing together a few plants in the space left over after locating the house. Recently, clients have become more involved in shaping their … Read more

Interior Design For Small Spaces – Tips And Tricks On Intelligent Decoration

Source: Small spaces pose many design challenges, not the least of which is how to style up your apartment and still make it functional. Compact interiors can be fun to decorate; don’t automatically assume that a small room cannot look cool. Intelligent interior design for small spaces can turn a challenging space into a … Read more

Swimming Pool Cabana Design To Transform Your Outdoor Space

Source: Recent Milestone Project The indoor-outdoor living trend has definitely gained popularity in recent years. Just as you can incorporate nature into your indoor spaces, you can extend the indoors outside by creating outdoor ‘rooms’. One of the most effective ways of doing this is with a creative swimming pool cabana design. If you have … Read more